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Federal Civil Service Structure and Grade Levels


Federal Civil Service Structure and Grade Levels: Nigeria civil service grade level – how many levels are there? Study the Nigerian civil service grading system and the appropriate salaries.

Civil service is a professional activity were people hold specific posts that aid in the practical implementation of tasks and functions of the country. These individuals are public servants and have appropriate authority.

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Federal Civil Service Structure and Grade Levels.

Many Nigerians are confident that in order to get the best job, it should have some form of connection to the Nigerian government. But not everyone will get that opportunity.

Nigeria civil service jobs are meant those who want to become well-to-do professionals and enjoy stable employment in Nigeria. One of the most asked questions is about grade levels.

FCSC Salary Structure According to Grade Levels.

Let’s start from the beginning. It is worth bearing in mind, that minimal salary for a Nigerian civil service worker is N18,000.

You can find a full list of wages depending on the level of knowledge and grade levels in the Nigerian civil service below.

Grade Level – GL 01 S

The minimal yearly wage for FCSC staff, GL 01 S, is N226,800. This means that you will get N18,900 per month.

Grade Level – GL 04 (S)

Grade level 04 Step (S) 1 receives N242,994 in a year. This is meant for school graduates and comes to about N20,249 per month.

Grade Level – GL 07

University graduates who want to become members of the organization on GL 07 – S 01 will get N43,163.75 monthly. This is twice what you will receive with the grade level 04 (S).

Grade Level – GL 04

High school graduates at GL 04 will receive N30,316.166 per month, whereas those who have graduated from university and who are at GL 07 – S15 will make a wage of N65,041.75 monthly.

Grade Level – GL 08, S15, GL17

Diploma holders on GL 08, S15 will earn a salary of N81,555.26 per month whereas a manager on GL17, S9 will have pay of N5,452,136 per year (N454,345 per month).

Grade Level – GL 03 – S1

GL 03, S1 executive officers will get N232,970 per month and will move up to N333,522 after achieving S15. Executives on GL05, S1 will earn N261,298 per month and after achieving S15 will earn N401,637.

Grade Level – GL06 – S1

Executives on GL06, S1 will make a wage of N316,229 per month and after achieving S15 will earn N487,295.

Grade Level – GL10 and GL12

Members, who are on GL10, S1 will get N914,511 per month and after gaining S15 will make N1,323,635 whereas those, who are on GL12, S1 will earn N1,053,208 to get N1,506,493 after achieving S11.

Grade Level – GL 13-14

Executives on GL 13, S1 will earn N1,174,233 per month to get N1,653,453 after achieving S11 whereas GL14 – S1 executives will make a wage of N1,295,818 per month and after achieving S11 will make N1,811,724.

Grade Level – GL15-16

Here, executive officers on GL15, S1 will earn a wage of N1,778,616 per month and after achieving S9 they will earn N2,363,140 whereas their counterparts on GL16, S1 will make N2,197,677 per month and also after achieving S9 will get N5,452,136.

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